Character Creation

h3. Here is the page where I will posting all the rules for character Creation

Back Story
Because of the nature of the game, the character must have a back story.This determines why the character is in the campaign. The campaign starts off with the character searching for the Mystical Treasure.

Some ideas
1. A group sent them
2. doing it for personal reasons
3. A group is forcing them.

Starting Equipment
Extra money and equipment if it makes sense to a good back-story.
POSSESSIONS-Characters begin play with assets equal to $10,000 plus (1d10 X 1000). This can be in equipment, cash, investments, etc. This amount is modified by an additional $1000 per year that the character has been one of the Kin.

Roll 5d10 and drop the lowest roll and recollection ones. This will make PC’s marginally better than average characters..

Who you know
This is a Guide line. If provided a good back story I will include those contacts instead.
CONTACTS-Starting PC’s begin with contacts as per the book (page 17), and in addition may have 1 Kin contact per 30 years of their existence as one of the Kin. At least 1/2 of those must be from the character’s own faction (if not necessarily the same group within that faction.) Additional Contacts by Faction: PCs may start the game with some extra Contacts; depending on which faction they choose to align themselves with.
Commune: Two moles with two other factions; one other Contact of the player’s choice.
Complex: One each: Mafia, Yakuza, and Triads (low-ranked with each organization).
Morning star Corporation: One mole within another Faction, one Section Head within Morning star, and one business.
Red Moonrise: One Gang leader, one mole, one drug or arms dealer.
Failsafe Coalition: One military (low-ranked), one political (national), one mole.
Laughter Factory: Six Homeless People
ACQUAINTANCES-Starting PC’s may begin play with two acquaintances per decade of Unlife. An acquaintance is not as close as a contact, and may not be willing to do anything for the PC, but they do know them and may be induced to help the character more easily than a complete stranger. Acquaintances do not need be from the same faction, and may be custom-created by the player or chosen from the NPCs in the back of the book (with GM’s approval).
FLOCKS- Kin who have to Drain to survive and can cause Addiction have one other step when creating their circle of NPC associates (the major races of the Kin who can Addict are Vampyres, Daemons, and Animates). This step is the creation of the character’s Flock: a group of humans who are already aware of the character’s nature, have been Drained previous to the start of the campaign, and are now Addicted to the character’s Drain. The convenience of having a Flock is that it makes it easier for character’s to gain sustenance. They do not have to hunt for a meal: they need only make a quick phone call to the Addict. Most of the Kin who have a Flock treat them with kid’s gloves, regardless of their opinion of Humanity in general, since a mistreated Flock member makes an excellent Stake.. one that knows many of the character’s secrets. Characters may start the game with a Flock of 1-5 (1d10/2) Addicts. They should be detailed at least to the degree of name and gender.

*Skills *
Automatic Skills-All characters have the starting skills at the following ranks, whether they put any points into those skills or not. If they do choose to take those skills, that score automatically supersedes the “automatic” score.
Breakaway (10)
Club (10)
Spear (10)
Hand to Hand Combat (DEX)
City Knowledge(general) (10)
Cooking (10)
Lying (10)
Profession (specify) (15)
Stealth (1/2 DEX)
Swimming (20)
PC’s less than 100 years of age will automatically have the following skills:
Pistol (10)
Driving (10)
Beginning Skills- They are determined by normal 20 dice. But Characters also have a extra pool of points equal to their intelligence score.

Character Creation

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