1 Initiative
Initiative is calculated this way. You add the Speed Edge + Skill Used +d00. The Character with the highest combined score goes first. Once the character has gone subtract 100 from score. If greater than 0 the character gets to act again on the new score. Keep repeating until score is less than 1.

There are some actions no matter how fast you are you go on initiative of 1.

  • Aiming
  • Spell Casting

There are some actions that take several actions to complete. They will go with the normal initiative the round that they are completed.

_Special for Aiming. The round after a character aims he rolls his initiative as normal. He will calculate if he gets a second attack as normal. His first attack how ever goes first no matter what the other characters initiative is. _

2 Single Shot

Some guns are single shot. That means each initiative action the character makes they get one shot off.

3 Semi Automatic

These are normally single shot guns. With enough skill and speed they can be made to fire more than one shot. The max number of bullets fired are what is in the clip. The character first declares how many bullets will be shot. The first shot is with a +10 modifier. Each bullet after that is with an additional +10 modifier. If the character wants to shoot more than one person for each 10 degree from his current position the character must expend a round. The reason for this is the character must continuing firing at a high rate, so while the gun is moving the gun is still firing.

Example. Big Al is in trouble and he wants to fire as many bullets in to his pursuer as possible. Big Al desires that he wants to shoot 5 times at two different targets. 2 at one and 2 at the other. Big Al first shot is at a +10 modifier. His second shot is at +20 modifier. His third shot he looses as he is walking his aim. His fourth shot is at +40 and his fifth shot is at +50. Those are not good odds, unless Big Al is very skilled. But if he is the ability to shoot more than once may be worth it.

4 Burst Fire

Burst Fire works the same way as semi automatic. The only difference is that in stead of just shooting one bullet each squeeze of the trigger shoots 3 bullets. Because they are so close ever hit counts as three hits. The other difference because they are shooting so many more bullets the modifier is a +15 instead of a +10.

5 Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic works the same way as Burst Fire. but the modifier is a +20. And fires 5 bullets at a time. Fully Automatic can also spray and pray. The character can spray a 10 × 10 area, firing 10 bullets. The character makes one check. How ever the person misses or makes it is a modifier to how many bullets hit. The bullets are spread evenly between each target in the area. There is a start of +30 IF the character wants to shoot more the normal modifier is used +20 for ever extra 10 bullets. Also if the character wants to add another 10×10 area will give a modifier of +10.

6 Unconscious and dying

Once a character reaches a quarter of their survival points they will make a Fitness check. If the character fails the roll the character falls unconscious. The character will be unconscious for 1 minute for every point he misses. This roll is modified by a few different things. -10 if attacked by blunt weapon. -20 if attack to the head. Any blunt attack to the head will also make a character make a unconscious check, but if the character is above 25% there is no modifiers.


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