Archimedes Black

Name:Archimedes Black
Faction:Vector Frankenstien
Age:500 Looks 45
Physical Description:


Magic Ability13
Base HTH Damage
Max Humanity
Street Face
Survival Points190

From the moment he was born he always was afraid of dieing so he could be mated. He seen others die because of it. He told him self it would not happen to him so he joined a tribe and studied all he could from him. Found out that he had the ability for magic. So he vowed to find a way that the nakini could breed with out dieing. All his life he picked up medicine. He moved around a lot to try to stay one step ahead of his people. When the white men came he learned so much. He learned that their way of practicing medicine could bring about so much pain. He loved it. Then he found out about a french men named saudie. He learned that even in pleasure some of these human loved pain. That became his play ground. He stayed in the south for all the american wars he proudly wore the bage of sawbones. He followed the battlefield when ever he could. He also found out about European magic. It was different than what he knew so he started learning more and more. Now he is a very accomplished obgyn specializing in difficult deliveries. He is using it as his practice. And if he losses any well it was not his fault. He has been trting to get into caduceus for a long time. He got into vector Frankenstein because they fund his research and leave him alone.

Archimedes Black

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